Boycott I-502 will monitor the vote regarding Medical Marijuana of Every Politician in Washington State.

When a politician votes for patient’s rights we will send emails to our petitioners about when these politicians are up for re-election and how they voted.

This solves the problems of voters tracking complicated legislator actions that affect their way of life.

When legislators vote in January to decide the future of medical marijuana in Washington State they will know that votes will be lost if they take away patients rights as the WSLCB Is recommending.
Using internet technology we will put the power of the vote back in the hands of fellow citizens.

In 1998 Washington State voters agreed that medical marijuana should be legal and provided to residents with certain medical conditions. These protections included the ability to grow their own marijuana or appoint someone else to grow for them. In 2011 voters were asked should marijuana be legal and sold to those 21 and over in State license stores. In the bid to secure votes from current patients the bill PROMISED that the medical marijuana laws that patients currently enjoy would not be infringed upon. Now that I-502 has passed the politicians of Washington State have decided that they will go back on their promise and attempt to eliminate medical marijuana in Washington State. Among the proposals to eliminate medical marijuana include the following:

  • Eliminate home growing for patients
  • Eliminate collective gardens.
  • Reduce the legal possession amount for patients from 24 ounces to only 3 ounces.
  • Require patients to purchase their cannabis from a retail store licensed by the liquor Control Board with no access to medical concentrates that many cancer patients use like RSO.
  • Remove a patient’s right to an affirmative defense in court based on medical necessity.
  • Requires patients and designated providers to participate in a mandatory state registry.
  • Will add new age limits for qualifying patients.
  • Will redefine certain conditions like chronic pain to eliminate them as qualifying conditions.
  • Will eliminate the petition process for adding new qualifying conditions, like PTSD and depression.

Adds a long list of new penalties for doctors that should keep nearly any physician from writing a medical cannabis recommendation. The new rules will require doctors to treat cannabis recommendations like opioid prescriptions.

The reason why there doing this is clear. Washington State knows that there overtaxed plan to sell recreation cannabis has 0 chance of working without the participation of patients. So in order to force patients to buy there overtaxed product they need to destroy the current system.

Also the state purposely made the requirements to qualify for an I-502 license so hard that only the very wealthy can afford to get into this new market. Many of our citizens risked their freedom to supply patients with the medicine needed and it would be a travesty to vilify these entrepreneurs of f and not allow them into the market they helped build.

The question is now what can we do as individuals to ensure that our rights are not lost.

  1. We can boycott any I-502 store that opens in the state of Washington.
  2. Vote out any politician who votes to restrict any rights that patients and their caregivers currently enjoy.
  3. Have every Washington State resident you know sign our website petition and we will keep a running count by district and county the number of votes each politician will lose if they vote against the will of their constituents.
  4. Call and or email each one of your representatives and let them know your position on medical marijuana. You can find your legislator members here. http://app.leg.wa.gov/DistrictFinder/
  5. Make sure you are registered to vote and anyone who know that agrees with your position is registered to vote. To register to vote in Washington State go here http://www.dol.wa.gov/driverslicense/voter.html

Half of the legislators in our state are up for reelections in 2014 we need to make them aware that they people have spoken and that the politicians work for the voters and not for the major corporations. We will email all of our supporters names of the legislators that stand with patients and a list of those legislators who vote to end their rights before election day so that our voices can be heard. Thank you for visiting our site and please help us spread the word.

Support Team

Boycott I-502